#CitiesSkylines Night Shots an Art of Beauty

San Solaria at night   Night shots of your Cities Skylines cities I find are a work of art and beauty. Just something about night time over a humming city that gives emphasis that your City is alive. San Solaria is a 24 hour city with activity always happening whether it be the industrial complexes, the tourism or leisure districts or even residential areas as … Continue reading #CitiesSkylines Night Shots an Art of Beauty

Set Phasers to Smite! #CitiesSkylines

Weather proves to be an ass   Only one problem living in a California type environment, when the storms roll in they roll in! The recent storm is San Solarian City decided to cause all sorts of havoc for the City as these snaps would show:   The resulting plantation fire kept the fleet of 15 fire helicopters rather busy while the fire engines dealt … Continue reading Set Phasers to Smite! #CitiesSkylines

Amenities and Residential Development. What Goes Missing When Planning?

A question often asked   A question often asked in the real world as well as Cities Skylines: How to upscale your residential area – that is how to trigger intensification or how to get a new residential area started. This is a crossover post with my Talking Southern Auckland blog on amenities and residential areas. Amenities or rather facilities, services, conveniences, comforts ¬†and creature … Continue reading Amenities and Residential Development. What Goes Missing When Planning?

All Aboard! Taking Layton City Metro Line 2. #CitiesSkylines

Taking a trip around the flag City   Layton City is still my only City that used heavy rail as part of the commuter transit system. All my other cities either use a combination of subway and elevated light rail, trams and/or busses with heavy rail relegated to inter-city movements.   Consequently there are four heavy rail lines that run either around or through Layton … Continue reading All Aboard! Taking Layton City Metro Line 2. #CitiesSkylines

Layton City is Back #CitiesSkylines

Flagship City has returned   The release of the Mass Transit DLC caused a few hiccups for my establish Cities in Cities Skylines. While I got San Solarian City fixed up quickly my flagship Layton City was more troublesome.   The problem was two-fold: Old subway stations needed replacing An array issue meant the game stalled Replacing the subway stations (and for that matter having … Continue reading Layton City is Back #CitiesSkylines