#CitiesSkylines Traffic Routes Map Management. Help?

Managing that flow   So you have built this wonderful large city but you wonder why your traffic is a bit shit in places. 72% traffic flow is not bad but not flash either given it sits in the ‘condition yellow’ segment. This means rather than a City-wide failure in your traffic (Auckland) there are more likely to be localised pinch-points causing a mess in … Continue reading #CitiesSkylines Traffic Routes Map Management. Help?

#CitiesSkylines Transit Maps

San Solaria uncovered   If you have the Transport Line Manager Mod you are able to produce Metro-type transit maps of your City. At the moment it only covers Metro, heavy rail, tram and ferries but it looks pretty good for a product only in Alpha-testing.   I got a transit map set up for San Solarian City and this is what it looks like: … Continue reading #CitiesSkylines Transit Maps

Another Day on Bus Line 17 #CitiesSkylines

Commentary from a driver on Bus Line 17 and how the City evolves   We get back in touch with the driver of the Bus Line 17 to see his photo essay of one of busiest lines in San Solaria. Since our last meeting there has been quite a bit of development in San Solaria including Wood Hills. The Wood Hills development and subsequent ferry … Continue reading Another Day on Bus Line 17 #CitiesSkylines

Ferries! Finally Got Them Working #CitiesSkylines

Removing mod did the trick   I got around to removing an old mod that was causing the City to have major graphical issues every time a ferry system was put down in San Solarian City. Given the City sits on a coast line and has a river running through the middle of it the ferry system I thought would be a novel to set … Continue reading Ferries! Finally Got Them Working #CitiesSkylines

BLIMPS! And a Bus-way (Finally)

Slowly rolling out new features in Mass Transit DLC   Last night I managed to get in a few serious hours of game play on Cities Skylines with the new Mass Transit DLC installed (and core mods updated). My initial reaction is mixed as the ferries do not yet work (game crashes out) and the transit hubs are clumsy as you can no control the amount … Continue reading BLIMPS! And a Bus-way (Finally)

Cities Skylines Mass Transit DLC Out

So far pretty good   Yesterday the Mass Transit expansion to Cities Skylines came out to test your skills in all things transit in your City.   From the Forums: Mass Transit 1.7.0 Patch Notes Patch notes for Mass Transit expansion 1.7.0-f5 Paid content Mass Transit expansion 4 new mass transit types: Ferries Cable cars Elevated monorail Blimps New mass transit related service buildings Multiplatform … Continue reading Cities Skylines Mass Transit DLC Out

#CitiesSkylines on Hold until May 19

Waiting for Mass Transit DLC With the new Mass Transit expansion coming out next month for Cities Skylines I am going to hold off working on both San Solarian City and Layton City until the new pack is out and the mods I use are updated (or deleted). As the new DLC allows for centralised transit hubs and better route finding mechanics (allowing me to … Continue reading #CitiesSkylines on Hold until May 19