Set Phasers to Smite! #CitiesSkylines

Weather proves to be an ass   Only one problem living in a California type environment, when the storms roll in they roll in! The recent storm is San Solarian City decided to cause all sorts of havoc for the City as these snaps would show:   The resulting plantation fire kept the fleet of 15 fire helicopters rather busy while the fire engines dealt … Continue reading Set Phasers to Smite! #CitiesSkylines

DISASTER! Layton City Surfs Two Tsunamis #CitiesSkylines

Disaster response management worked Citizens are slow   Okay first lesson with the Tsunami, ONLY HIT THE BUTTON ONCE! The cool down timer and the arrival of the wave does take a long time as in towards six hours of game time being simulated. I accidentally hit the button twice and got a double tsunami which in real life does happen depending on the quake … Continue reading DISASTER! Layton City Surfs Two Tsunamis #CitiesSkylines

#CitiesSkylines Natural Disasters Disaster

New tier of management and Planning   After spending a few days tracking down the mod causing the game to crash (was the Rush Hour mod which is being updated) I loaded both Neo Layton City (as a test) and Layton City (current city) to give Cities Skylines Natural Disasters a whirl.   Conclusion? Takes Civil Defence to a whole new level. I say new … Continue reading #CitiesSkylines Natural Disasters Disaster

Layton City Flooded #CitiesSkylines

City suffers from first major flood   If you have the Rainfall Mod for Cities Skylines what was just cosmetic rain for visual effects now gives real consequences depending how much falls into your City. This means you have to build a storm water system so that the rain can drain away from your city unless you want the water pooling up after every shower. … Continue reading Layton City Flooded #CitiesSkylines