All Aboard! Taking Layton City Metro Line 2. #CitiesSkylines

Taking a trip around the flag City   Layton City is still my only City that used heavy rail as part of the commuter transit system. All my other cities either use a combination of subway and elevated light rail, trams and/or busses with heavy rail relegated to inter-city movements.   Consequently there are four heavy rail lines that run either around or through Layton … Continue reading All Aboard! Taking Layton City Metro Line 2. #CitiesSkylines

Layton City is Back #CitiesSkylines

Flagship City has returned   The release of the Mass Transit DLC caused a few hiccups for my establish Cities in Cities Skylines. While I got San Solarian City fixed up quickly my flagship Layton City was more troublesome.   The problem was two-fold: Old subway stations needed replacing An array issue meant the game stalled Replacing the subway stations (and for that matter having … Continue reading Layton City is Back #CitiesSkylines

Moving to Clean Energy in Layton City #CitiesSkylines

63% comes from clean sources   Power is a serious business for a large city such as Layton City. Placement of power plants also matters too as the tsunami saga showed when the City Centre was “cleaned” but the power plants were missed. In Layton City nearly two-thirds of its power is produced by non-Green House Gas emitting power plants with nuclear taking the lead. … Continue reading Moving to Clean Energy in Layton City #CitiesSkylines

Christmas Sucks Thanks to Tornado #CitiesSkylines

No major damage and minimal lives lost   Well Christmas for Layton City got a tad wet and windy after a freak storm rolled through the City causing mass flooding and even a tornado.   The Imperial Management of Emergencies Agency reported that a EF1 tornado had touched down south of Onehunga and proceeded west through open country before dissipating near Layton City International Airport. However, … Continue reading Christmas Sucks Thanks to Tornado #CitiesSkylines

DISASTER! Layton City Surfs Two Tsunamis #CitiesSkylines

Disaster response management worked Citizens are slow   Okay first lesson with the Tsunami, ONLY HIT THE BUTTON ONCE! The cool down timer and the arrival of the wave does take a long time as in towards six hours of game time being simulated. I accidentally hit the button twice and got a double tsunami which in real life does happen depending on the quake … Continue reading DISASTER! Layton City Surfs Two Tsunamis #CitiesSkylines

Preparing for a #CitiesSkylines Disaster

Fire and water tests Layton City’s resolve   So I got the Natural Disasters DLC for Cities Skylines. Once the mods were updated by their developers (to my massive thanks) I was able to load up Layton City (my grand city of 243,000 which is HUGE for Cities Skylines) and give the new DLC a whirl. Now I do have the Rainfall mod that properly … Continue reading Preparing for a #CitiesSkylines Disaster